Member Area



  1. Physician member: A medical doctor or dental practitioner who is currently licensed to practice medicine by the appropriate authority
  2. Nurse member: A nurse practitioner currently licensed to practice the nursing profession by the appropriate authority
  3. Pharmacist member: A pharmacist currently licensed to practice the pharmacy profession by the appropriate authority
  4. Auxiliary member: Any person or person deemed to be qualified to be members of the organization by the board of the trustees
  5. Corporate Membership:

Membership Benefits

  1. Free access to all CPD resources
  2. Discounted rates for all paying activities and conferences
  3. First hand information on key developments in HIV
  4. Access to mentor/discussion forum
  5. Free access to Bi-monthly news letter
  6. Discount rates for Society’s journal

Membership Dues

  1. All members shall enjoy a moratorium on membership dues with unrestricted access to member benefits.
  2. Annual membership shall be set by the BOT and communicated in due course

Join and Renew Membership

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