Dr. Olanrewaju Olaiya

Dr. Olanrewaju Olaiya is a distinguished public health professional with over fifteen years of extensive experience, specializing in Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS Care and Treatment, and Hepatitis programs. Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Olaiya has demonstrated unwavering dedication and expertise in planning, implementing, and evaluating public health initiatives, particularly in the realm of HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment programs at both national and subnational levels within Nigeria.

Known for his enthusiasm, flexibility, assertiveness, and self-motivation, Dr. Olaiya is a seasoned and results-oriented leader in the field of public health. His profound commitment to health equity and sustainable solutions has propelled him to the forefront of advocating for improved health outcomes in diverse communities. Equipped with exceptional problem-solving abilities and a creative approach to addressing complex healthcare issues, Dr. Olaiya has a proven track record of developing and implementing innovative strategies to tackle global health challenges.

Possessing outstanding interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, Dr. Olaiya excels in fostering effective communication and collaboration with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. His ability to build strong partnerships and mobilize resources has been instrumental in the success of numerous health programs under his leadership.

Currently serving as a Senior Director with the Africa Diseases Prevention and Research Development Initiative (ADRAP), Dr. Olaiya has previously held the position of Project Director at Prohealth International (PHI), under the 4GATES grant, a CDC-funded HIV initiative. In this role, he collaborated closely with organizations such as CARITAS Nigeria to promote and support programs in HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and treatment across four states.

Dr. Olaiya’s contributions extend beyond the implementation of programs; he is also a co-contributor to the development of the National Guidelines for HIV Prevention, Treatment, and Care issued by the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) in Nigeria, both in 2016 and 2020.

Dr. Olaiya holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree, as well as a Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Health Systems Management. He has earned various certifications from reputable institutions, including the American Association of HIV Specialists (AAHIVS) and Project Management Development Professional (PMD Pro-1 & 2). Additionally, Dr. Olaiya possesses several other training certificates related to HIV management, reflecting his continuous commitment to professional development and excellence in the field of public health.